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We know we should ask every new partner to "get tested," but what for, exactly? With news that certain Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs)) are practically as common as the flu and that many people are not even getting tested anymore. What's the new "normal" when it comes to safe sex? Do not hold off on the conversation until you have done the deed, and then panic later when you have been exposed to something. Test first, sex later!

Learning about safe sex
Know your HIV status

“I tested HIV positive during my last pregnancy when I started antenatal care. I was disappointed because  i did not know my boyfriend's status, neither did I ever ask. One day when my boyfriend left for work I attempted to commit suicide. I tried hanging myself with a rope. Unfortunately while I was busy preparing, I heard my friend came knocking at my door. She kept shouting my name, it is as if someone told her that I was up to something. The voice in me said I should open the door. When she turned her head to my ceiling there was my hanging rope. I cried, as I disclosed to her that I tested HIV positive, I do not want to live positive I want to die. My friend told me, she has been living positive for two years, yet she is still living health. She showed me her the hospital passport card to prove that she really is positive. It was after her advice that I decided to live a positive life. I later disclosed my status to my boyfriend and I found out that he was HIV  positive and he did tell me about it.

This resulted in me separating from my boyfriend, I am glad my friend had advised me further to seek futher support form DAPP TCE (Total Control Epidemic) support with the advice  from TCE field officer I was able to give birth to an HIV-free baby and today I am living a HIV positive and  health life ”- said a client, during the mother to child prevention follow up.

This story  was told by a mother to  her TCE field officer followed up with the mother and body that they did the right things for 18 months after the body was born.  

Progress Report 2018/19

Progress Report 2018 19   DAPP Namibia