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The Total Control of the Epidemic programme supports Elimination of Mother To Child HIV Transmission ( eMTCT) activities in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Services by meeting pregnant women at health facilities, and also by meeting pregnant women and their partners in their homes to inform them of antenatal services and eMTCT services if the pregnant woman is HIV positive.

The programme informs and discusses options related to safe sex to prevent onward HIV transmission, the importance of adhering to HIV treatment, breastfeeding options, food and nutrition for mother and child, and basic hygiene practices to prevent HIV transmission from mother to child.
The programme also follows-up and supports the family during pregnancy and until the birth of the baby, and again after delivery until the baby is 18 months old. During this time, the baby is tested regularly for HIV, with the last HIV test taken at 18 months.

After determining the babies' HIV negative status, the parents and the babies are invited for a celebration with TCE field officers where a cake is shared and encouraging speeches, singing and dancing form part of the celebration of every HIV free baby born to an HIV positive mother.

In 2018 TCE Field Officers made sure that 810 HIV positive women were enrolled in the eMTCT programme and supported the mother and baby through adherence and health check-ups for 18 months to ensure HIV negative babies

Progress Report 2023

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