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The DAPP Private School is a proud product of a community initiative where parents together with DAPP Namibia started the school twenty years ago to supplement government efforts to deliver high quality education in a rural area. The establishment of classrooms, educational materials and a school bus was financed through parents’ payment of monthly school fees. The operation of the school is partly supported by the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture through their payment of most of the teachers’ salaries while the rest of the staff members and other operational costs are covered by school fees.

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The DAPP Private School is aimed at educating children in grades 1-10 according to the Ministry of Education Art and Culture curriculum, leading to the state-administered examination at the end of grade 10. The school provides quality education and includes excursions and study trips outside the school in the teaching. This year the grade 10 learners toured Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Windhoek and visited the aquarium, ships at the naval base, historic places such at the Heroes’ Acre and the National Assembly among others and of course came to experience the diversity of landscapes and nature of Namibia.
Furthermore, the school is providing extracurricular club activities in the afternoons such as sports including soccer, netball, volleyball, and cultural activities such as dance and a choir, educational clubs such as the science club, arts club, English club, commerce club, and debating club. The school participates in regional competitions and invites for sports tournament at the school.

Main results in 2017

  • 374 learners are studying at the school
  • The grade 10 pass rate is 87%
  • A new computer lab and library was constructed