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The DAPP Private School is a proud product of a community initiative where parents together with DAPP Namibia started the school twenty years ago to supplement government efforts to deliver high-quality education in a rural area. The establishment of classrooms, educational materials, and a school bus was financed through parents’ payment of monthly school fees. The operation of the school is partly supported by the Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture through their payment of most of the teachers’ salaries while the rest of the staff members and other operational costs are covered by school fees.

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The DAPP Private School is aimed at educating children in grades 1-10 according to the Ministry of Education Art and Culture curriculum, leading to the state-administered examination at the end of grade 10. The school provides quality education and includes excursions and study trips outside the school in its teachings as extra-curricular activities. The objective is to ensure that most of the learners make it at every grade level without wasting any years by having to repeat any class. 

We believe that educational tours play a vital role in the school curriculum and serve a wide range of benefits in several ways when it comes to learning and teaching. DAPP Private schools organize tours and community visits for the learners at each grade level. The highlight for the school in 2018, was the grade10 learners' school tour to the coastal areas of Namibia. The learners had the opportunity to explore the sea and the Sand Dunes, they also visited the aquarium and the towns of Walvis Bay and Swakopmund. On the way back the bus took the learners to Windhoek, where they visited the airport and well as other different historic sites. These are valuable travel experiences for learners who have grown up in the northwest of the country as many are visiting these places for the first time. The tours are organized every year for a different class.
The number of 384 learners enrolled at the DAPP Private School in 2019.

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