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DAPP Namibia Vocational Training School is proud to be the implementor of the agriculture course at a vocational level. The course focuses on horticulture and crop production using climate-smart agricultural methods. It teaches the students the tools and practices needed in a field every day. The students are sent daily in the school horticulture garden and nursery to practices their agricultural skills from the first day of class.
The students are further taken through trade assessment where they sent on 3 months compulsorily attachment training. This is for them to learn, find solutions that ensure future sustainable food production, and security through sustainable environmental measures.
For students who complete a course over a period of 2 years, they will obtain an accredited certificate by Namibia Qualification Authority (NQA) Level 2 & 3 in Agriculture.
Our students have shared their experience below to motivate and invite many of us ever wished to pursue their career in agriculture and join them at DAPP Vocational Training School.

Aipinge TimoteusAipinge Timoteus (20)
One of the most rewarding experiences from my agricultural training was the opportunity to drive a tractor. It has always been a dream to me and I was very excited. I never thought that it would be possible because a tractor is a big machine. I hope this experience will make it easier for me to get work and maybe start my own agricultural project. Especially in the conservation field. I am very passionate about conservation because I want to have children one day and I want them to grow food from the land like I did when I was small. I am looking very much forward to passing my course and working to make tomorrow better.


Foibe MwatukangeFoibe Mwatukange (22)
In Namibia, drought is a contributing factor to poverty in my country. I am very appreciative that through this training I was able to learn more about modern climate-smart activities that contribute to better water sustainability. I have already started using these techniques when I return to my village and it has reduced our water waste by improving the ways we recycle and reuse it. My family is very proud of me and what I am learning because they know that it is very important for my future and the future of Namibia. I hope to study more in the future at a higher level so that I can become more qualified. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and family.

Tulihongeni ShikombaTulihongeni Shikomba (29)
When I started this course, I thought it was going to be very easy because I grew up in the village and I am very good with my hands. I was very surprised to see how challenging it was. The theories and concepts relating to climate-smart agriculture were new to me. It was hard at first to learn them but the instructors made things easy by explaining things with examples. Learning to use the agricultural tools provided in the course was very nice because in my village we only used to use our hands and strong wooden sticks. My favourite experience from the course was working on farm machinery. I really like engines so knowing how they work was a lot of fun. The only thing I would change from the course is to have more time driving the tractor.

Progress Report 2022

DAPP Namibia Progress Report 2022