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DAPP Namibia works in rural areas implementing activities that help to strengthen families’ economy, health, education and encourage the involvement of children in youth clubs through its Child Aid Programme.
The families are brought together and organized in Village Action Groups with trained area leaders and volunteers. In cooperation with local leaders and line ministries, work together to ensure that solutions are found pertaining to issues affecting children in the community.
The activity lines of the Village Action Groups involve taking part in practical task assigned to each family using local available materials/resource. They are engaged in building simple latrines, a tippy tab for washing hands, a dish rack for keeping utensils clean and dry, a garbage system and a rubbish pit to improve homestead sanitation and health.
The groups are further encouraged to establish vegetable gardens or herb gardens at their homestead near a water source and to reduce the amount of mosquitoes by cutting grass, eliminating pools of still water, and planting Artemisia. 
Besides that, together in groups families find ways to grow a variety of crops to mitigate the consequences of climate change and are assisted to make a vegetable plot to secure food for the family in case of draught.
For many, making use of local materials do not only make it easier for the families to complete their activities but also help them to tap into their local knowledge. In 2017-18 the programme has mobilized 1,030 families, resulting in building 213 dish racks, 162 hand washing systems, and 128 refuse pits in the households..