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DAPP Namibia is promoting the tree planting with families in the Omusati region especially. Since independence DAPP Namibia has produced and planted more than half a million trees with community members in the Omusati region. Community members are encouraged to collect seeds and plant indigenous trees, fruit trees, trees for shade, animal fodder, extra nutrition, beauty and for improving the environment.

In the 2017 DAPP Namibia partnership with the Canada Fund made it possible to form environmental groups in the villages. DAPP Namibia held awareness sessions about global warming and climate change and encouraged group members to collect seeds and produce trees. The sessions also sensitize communities on the impact of climate change and empowered members to grow indigenous seedlings for reforestation and to improve nutrition.

It further covered the effects of climate change, lessons on to how they can improve their household food security and nutrition, and the importance of preserving existing trees to enhance their local environment. They were taught about the importance of retaining and replenishing soil nutrients too. The project has capacitated more than 200 community members over the years.The project is welcomed by a local cooperating partner, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MoAWF). 

Tree Planting focus goals.

  • Establishment of environmental groups in villages.
  • Identifying, collections and propagate seeds of various indigenous tree species. The collected tree species were Moringa, Citrus, Mango, Guava, Pawpaw, Cashew nut, and Marula. 
  • Producing seedlings nursery
  • Distributing of tree seedlings, planted and looked after by a received home/family in their homesteads.

About 500,000 were trees planted.

Progress Report 2023

DAPP Namibia 2023 Progress Report Web