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The DAPP Vocational Training School (DAPP VTS) aims to equip students with essential vocational skills and attitudes that will help them to seek meaningful employment to sustain themselves and their families. The school also trains students in entrepreneurial skills so they can start their income-generating projects. At the same time, the school includes broader training and activities that promote the engagement of the students in sports, culture and community development.

The DAPP Vocational Training School is accredited by Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and is registered with the Namibian Training Authority, offering the following accredited courses:

  • Office Administration Level 1,2 & 3 (each level takes a year)
  • Construction Level 1,2 & 3
  • Early Childhood Development Teacher Training Diploma Level 5 (2-year course)
  •  Agriculture course with a focus on horticulture and crop production Level 2 & 3. The Agriculture course is being piloted in the vocational training sector and the DAPP VTS is in the process of setting up all the needed infrastructure. 

Learning practical skills
Brick production

Students receive theoretical and practical training according to approved unit standards. Furthermore, the students undertake job attachments at construction companies, offices, farms, and agricultural green schemes, early childhood development centres and kindergartens.

The DAPP Vocational Training School appreciates the financial support from the Namibia Training Authority as well as school fees from parents. Some of the students also receive study loans from the Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund.


In 2019 the school's main results in numbers were:

  • 223 Students enrolled in all courses
  • 8 Production units established at the school

What happens to the students after graduation?
A tracer study carried out among students who finished their training 1-3 years back showed that 68% were employed or self-employed, which is a fair result compared to the general unemployment rate among youth in the country.


Progress Report 2023

DAPP Namibia 2023 Progress Report Web